Wolf’s Apothecary is featured in the Tomboy Gift Guide!

Taralyn Thout, Creative Director of Wildfang put together this rad gift guide. We are psyched to be a part of it.

wf_shops_06You can see the whole thing here:

Here’s what she has to say about Wolf’s:

Last stop on my tomboy tour of Little Boxes is Wolf’s Apothecary. First off, Wildfangs are obsessed with wolves, so they had me at the name. But it’s also a killer place to find unisex, natural beauty products that smell more like a hike in the woods than they do a tromp through a field of roses.  The all-natural look, smell and make up of their products is right up the alley of any tomboy’s beauty regimen.


I couldn’t help but fall in love with their healing balm. As someone that works with their hands a lot this stuff literally lends a helping hand. Clean and healthy skin care needs are met with their range of soaps and lip salves.  It’s the perfect last stop to a tour that had me working up a sweat.



Wildfang, 1230 SE Grand Ave, 503.208.3631
Grand Marketplace, 1005 SE Grand Ave, 503.208.2580
Woonwinkel, 935 SW Washington  St, 503.334.2088
Wolf Apothecary, 917 SW Washington St, 503.227.0586

My Morning with Wolf’s

My Morning Must-Haves

As an elementary school teacher, the winter can feel like it’s lasting forever and waking before the sun comes up can be a bit disheartening so I need something (or some things) to brighten my day right from the start. Three little things that make a noticeable difference are Wolf’s fir needle and cedar room spray, beauty elixir, and ‘stache wax.

Yes, that’s right I use ‘stache wax… on my brows. I have inherited some of those wiry, untamable eyebrows are somehow, someway disciplined by Wolf’s ‘stache wax.WOLFS_stache

The wax is easily applied because it’s housed in the same tube as some of our luscious lip butters so I can just throw it in my bag if I’m running late. It goes on smoothly and without clumps or lumps giving my brows a natural arch that they choose to ignore otherwise.

Before I even look at that ‘stache wax, I spray myself and my surroundings with the fir needle and cedar room spray. This gives me the immediate relief that I need to start a brand new day. I’m presented with a little slice of the energy that I would get from unzipping a tent after camping in the woods. This allows me to meditate or start yoga or just drink my tea in a more relaxed mood. I can’t tell you how much this stuff will change your morning.WOLFS_sprayLastly, I apply a teeny tiny bit of the beauty elixir to my face. The amazing aroma of ylang ylang and rose geranium gives me yet another layer of comfort and reprieve, not to mention it leaves my skin glowing (I know that sounds cliché but it’s absolutely true). I use the normal to dry beauty elixir because it’s what my skin requires in the Winter months.photo (8)As we approach this time of thanks, I would like to give some of mine to these daily, little comforts that mean so much for each big day ahead.teachercasey

Abner Jay

Abner and his accompanist

Abner and his accompanist

Abner Jay was an American multi-instrumentalist, who is best known for performing blues infused folk music, as a one man band. We dig.

Photo credit: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. Banjoist and bones player Abner Jay performs with unidentified child at the Florida Folk Festival – White Springs, Florida

Gone Campin’

Gift Guide for the Camper in Your Life


Chances are that if you live in Portland, you or someone you know would rather live in a tree house in Forest Park than in the cutest of charming old Victorians in southeast. If you are stumped (get it? trees!) on what to give the practical tree-hugging, shower-snubbing, can-weave-a-blanket-out-of-moss nature enthusiast in your life, look no further than these compact (and some locally made!) travel-friendly products at Flora and Wolf’s Apothecary!

Strong As A Tree hand balm with Cedar and Fir


$10 ¼oz. tin/$26 2oz. tin, handmade at Wolf’s Apothecary

Why can’t the skin on your hands be as strong as the trees they love to hug? Strong as a Tree hand balm is infused with cedar boughs and fir oil, so the amazing scents and powers of these trees will make your skin yummy and smooth. Great for dry chapped skin or for “strength and fortitude”. Grab a chunk and massage into skin for luxurious paws.

Tooth Powder with Propolis and Myrrh

$7 handmade at Wolf’s Apothecary

$7 handmade at Wolf’s Apothecary

In the off-chance that the camper decides to carry on common everyday hygiene, this incredible tooth powder is both natural and fluoride free, and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your pack. The powder is infused with propolis and myrrh, both antioxidant, antiseptic, and great for tooth and gum health. Simply dip toothbrush in the powder and brush as usual, or dip finger in and use for a quick breath-refresher.


Izola’s Year’s Supply of Toothbrushes

Bonus! Use with: Izola‘s Year’s Supply of Toothbrushes (4 for $13.50), made of sustainable bamboo, one for every three months of the year, or one for everyone on the trip!

Juniper Berry Shampoo & Body Bar

$7, from Awildsoap at Wolf’s Apothecary

$7, from Awildsoap at Wolf’s Apothecary

If there is one type of product I love, it is a versatile one. This Juniper Berry Shampoo and Body Bar from the Awildsoap company in Texas is great for hair, body, and even the delicate skin on your face. Made with vegetable oils, it is also deodorizing and antibacterial. Even if you “shower” in a babbling brook by the campsite, your hair and skin will be clean and moisturized. And since it is in bar form, this is a great option for those of us going the distance!

Gokuhin Traditional Body Powder

$11, from Shoyeido at Flora

Who needs soap when you can just cover up your natural musk and grime? Sometimes cleansing oneself during a camping trip is cold, tedious, or just simply undesired. This yummy sweet and spicy body powder is made completely of natural ingredients including cloves, cinnamon, patchouli, sandalwood, and Borneo camphor, and this blend is adapted from recipes from over two hundred years ago. A little of this goes a long way! I like to dust it in my hair after a day or so of no shampoo action, or just to spice up my locks. Also good to rub on your skin for a delicious scent.

Vintage Leather Hand-Tooled Pouch with Trees

$80, at Wolf’s Apothecary

This incredible vintage hand-tooled leather pouch actually fits all of the above quite nicely and more, and even has a perfect front pocket for your phone. With a loop on the back, simply pop it on your belt and go! Decorated with log cabins and pine trees, this simply belongs on the belt of every northwest adventurer.
Happy camping!
blog courtesy of Elisa Finos

Lipstick + Honey

a sampling of PBLC shades

a sampling of Portland Black Lipstick Co shades

raw honey products made here in Oregon

raw honey products made here in Oregon

Saturday, December 22 1 – 4 pm

This is your chance to sample those tricky lipstick shades and taste those curious tonics and honeys we’ve been carrying at Wolf’s since the very beginning…

Portland Black Lipstick Company will be here with their line of “all natural makeup for that un-natural look”
We currently have several of their smashing lipstick shades in store now…But do come in Saturday to try on more shades with the experts!

Mickelberry Gardens will be showcasing their unique line of raw Pacific Northwest honey, beeswax, and propolis products. Tasty raw honey, healing tonics, soothing salves, and sugar scrubs are a few of our favorite things.

Imaginary Authors



“Life is a series of blank pages and it is up to one’s self whether to fill those pages with tedious prose or wildly imaginative storylines.” This is very true and why not start with the senses…

Imaginary Authors is born from the concept of scent as art and art as provocation. Like a good book, these scents are meant to inspire you.

We have these five scents in stock and they are each uniquely enticing and fresh. And in our opinion a great stocking stuffer for the holidays!



Lip Salve-ation!

We have a Cedar & Cardamom Lip Salve that will save your dry lips everyday – so wintery and good. You won’t want to use anything else. And it is completely natural containing cedar and cardamom infused olive oil, coconut, sweet almond, apricot kernal, and jojoba oils, shea and aloe butters, beeswax, and essential oil.

Simply velvet to your lips.

Wolf's Apothecary Lip Salve-ation

Wolf’s Apothecary Lip Salve-ation



Hunter Pass + Heather Bell will be here!

Hunter Pass wallet

Hunter Pass wallet

Hunter Pass belt

Hunter Pass belt

Hunter Pass collars

Hunter Pass collars

Heather Bell earrings

Heather Bell earrings

Heather Bell necklace and earrings

Heather Bell necklace and earrings

SATURDAY DEC 15, sisters Carly + Aubrey of Hunter Pass and jewelry designer Heather Bell will be at Wolf’s 1 – 4 pm.

Come have your Hunter Pass belt, wallet, bracelet, or dog collar personalized by these talented local ladies!

Whether for your pup or loved one, nothing compares to this very thoughtful gift.

And the lovely Heather Bell will be representing her line of enticing jewelry.

Holiday Open House @ Wolf’s Apothecary!

Thursday, December 13…TONIGHT!

Come spend the evening with us at Wolf’s in Celebration of the Holiday Season.

Dance to Olde Time Music with

Caroline Oakley & friends

Caroline Oakley is a square dance caller and fiddler from Portland, Oregon.

Caroline Oakley is a local square dance caller and fiddler. She’s from South Carolina, ya’ll. So be sure to wear your dancin’ shoes!

Calligraphy by Alexander

Come have a greeting written in you holiday cards

Have a calligrapher write a greeting in your holiday cards.  Alexander is currently transcribing The Hobbit in calligraphy! He is so very talented and his work will make your holiday gifts so special.



Be enchanted by the old age tradition of storytelling

Be enchanted by the old age tradition of storytelling

Festivities are 5 – 8 pm

Indulge yourself in hot cider, cold beer & local apothecary products, turn of the century inspired jewelry & home-goods.

We so look forward to seeing all of you!