Gone Campin’

Gift Guide for the Camper in Your Life


Chances are that if you live in Portland, you or someone you know would rather live in a tree house in Forest Park than in the cutest of charming old Victorians in southeast. If you are stumped (get it? trees!) on what to give the practical tree-hugging, shower-snubbing, can-weave-a-blanket-out-of-moss nature enthusiast in your life, look no further than these compact (and some locally made!) travel-friendly products at Flora and Wolf’s Apothecary!

Strong As A Tree hand balm with Cedar and Fir


$10 ¼oz. tin/$26 2oz. tin, handmade at Wolf’s Apothecary

Why can’t the skin on your hands be as strong as the trees they love to hug? Strong as a Tree hand balm is infused with cedar boughs and fir oil, so the amazing scents and powers of these trees will make your skin yummy and smooth. Great for dry chapped skin or for “strength and fortitude”. Grab a chunk and massage into skin for luxurious paws.

Tooth Powder with Propolis and Myrrh

$7 handmade at Wolf’s Apothecary

$7 handmade at Wolf’s Apothecary

In the off-chance that the camper decides to carry on common everyday hygiene, this incredible tooth powder is both natural and fluoride free, and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your pack. The powder is infused with propolis and myrrh, both antioxidant, antiseptic, and great for tooth and gum health. Simply dip toothbrush in the powder and brush as usual, or dip finger in and use for a quick breath-refresher.


Izola’s Year’s Supply of Toothbrushes

Bonus! Use with: Izola‘s Year’s Supply of Toothbrushes (4 for $13.50), made of sustainable bamboo, one for every three months of the year, or one for everyone on the trip!

Juniper Berry Shampoo & Body Bar

$7, from Awildsoap at Wolf’s Apothecary

$7, from Awildsoap at Wolf’s Apothecary

If there is one type of product I love, it is a versatile one. This Juniper Berry Shampoo and Body Bar from the Awildsoap company in Texas is great for hair, body, and even the delicate skin on your face. Made with vegetable oils, it is also deodorizing and antibacterial. Even if you “shower” in a babbling brook by the campsite, your hair and skin will be clean and moisturized. And since it is in bar form, this is a great option for those of us going the distance!

Gokuhin Traditional Body Powder

$11, from Shoyeido at Flora

Who needs soap when you can just cover up your natural musk and grime? Sometimes cleansing oneself during a camping trip is cold, tedious, or just simply undesired. This yummy sweet and spicy body powder is made completely of natural ingredients including cloves, cinnamon, patchouli, sandalwood, and Borneo camphor, and this blend is adapted from recipes from over two hundred years ago. A little of this goes a long way! I like to dust it in my hair after a day or so of no shampoo action, or just to spice up my locks. Also good to rub on your skin for a delicious scent.

Vintage Leather Hand-Tooled Pouch with Trees

$80, at Wolf’s Apothecary

This incredible vintage hand-tooled leather pouch actually fits all of the above quite nicely and more, and even has a perfect front pocket for your phone. With a loop on the back, simply pop it on your belt and go! Decorated with log cabins and pine trees, this simply belongs on the belt of every northwest adventurer.
Happy camping!
blog courtesy of Elisa Finos

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