My Morning with Wolf’s

My Morning Must-Haves

As an elementary school teacher, the winter can feel like it’s lasting forever and waking before the sun comes up can be a bit disheartening so I need something (or some things) to brighten my day right from the start. Three little things that make a noticeable difference are Wolf’s fir needle and cedar room spray, beauty elixir, and ‘stache wax.

Yes, that’s right I use ‘stache wax… on my brows. I have inherited some of those wiry, untamable eyebrows are somehow, someway disciplined by Wolf’s ‘stache wax.WOLFS_stache

The wax is easily applied because it’s housed in the same tube as some of our luscious lip butters so I can just throw it in my bag if I’m running late. It goes on smoothly and without clumps or lumps giving my brows a natural arch that they choose to ignore otherwise.

Before I even look at that ‘stache wax, I spray myself and my surroundings with the fir needle and cedar room spray. This gives me the immediate relief that I need to start a brand new day. I’m presented with a little slice of the energy that I would get from unzipping a tent after camping in the woods. This allows me to meditate or start yoga or just drink my tea in a more relaxed mood. I can’t tell you how much this stuff will change your morning.WOLFS_sprayLastly, I apply a teeny tiny bit of the beauty elixir to my face. The amazing aroma of ylang ylang and rose geranium gives me yet another layer of comfort and reprieve, not to mention it leaves my skin glowing (I know that sounds cliché but it’s absolutely true). I use the normal to dry beauty elixir because it’s what my skin requires in the Winter (8)As we approach this time of thanks, I would like to give some of mine to these daily, little comforts that mean so much for each big day ahead.teachercasey

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